Based on recent enquiries and conversations with clients, we expect the 2021 Christmas party season will be very different from last year. We’re busy finding venues so that colleagues can once again unite in person to celebrate the festive season. That said, virtual events are still being enjoyed by many corporate clients, especially those whose staff are based all around the world. We’ve had some exciting virtual event bookings for the summer party season, and the Christmas calendar has started to fill up with virtual events. We believe all virtual events should be fresh, interactive, and personalised for maximum enjoyment and relevance, and we have fabulous new options for the winter months. Here are some of our best virtual events for Christmas.

Virtual Alpine Adventure
A thrilling, multi-experience virtual event that’s brand new for 2021. Our Virtual Alpine Adventure will transport guests to a magical winter setting. They’ll enjoy the warmth of the Alpine Lodge, where they’ll get to choose from a range of activities to enjoy, such as interactive magic shows, live comedy, crafting and more. Next, they’ll ascend the snowy mountain before skiing to an evergreen forest for a moonlight party with their friends and colleagues. This event is suitable for 100 to 1,000 guests and comes with a range of customisable options to suit budget, preference, and audience profile. An immersive Christmas treat!


Gameshow Bonanza Christmas Special
Our ever-popular interactive TV gameshow experience is recording their Christmas special, and you’re the star player! Gameshow Bonanza sees guests competing against each other across a series of wacky rounds inspired by popular gameshow formats. Your energetic host, Tommy Sparkle shares light-hearted banter with the guests and ensures everyone gets the level of attention they’re comfortable with. Gameshow Bonanza Christmas Special comes loaded with festive visuals and music, plus new Christmas rounds including Price Those Presents, Stack That Snowman and Rocking Around The Christmas Tree. This festive virtual event can be tailored for your booking, including dialogue, bonus rounds and music to please your guests. Get ready to play!


Virtual Holiday
For a different Christmas party experience, take a break from the winter chill with a Virtual Holiday. Guests will fly to an exotic paradise island for a massive interactive party with their friends. Through clever sound and visuals, plus stellar performances by our actors, guests will feel immersed in this travel simulation. The flight segment includes an interactive murder mystery play, and there’s lots of activities that can be added to create a multi experience virtual event. This option is great all year round and suitable for 100 – 1,000 guests. With tons of scope for personalisation and original content, this sunny virtual event creates cherished memories.


Christmas Music Bingo
Our most booked and best rated Christmas event of 2020 is back and better than ever! This 5* rated virtual music bingo event has been delivered hundreds of times for thousands of guests from all around the world. Guests receive a bingo card loaded with songs, ready to dab them off as the DJ spins them, with the hope of being the first to fill a row or full house. There’s music, movement, lip sync, games, and tons of interaction during this music bingo party experience. The event is packed with festive touches, including Christmas music, seasonal visuals, and a choice of Christmassy hosts. Select your own music genres and add your favourite songs. With plenty of personal touches, laughter and engagement, your guests will love this super-fun virtual bingo event.


All these events come with lots of personalisation options, so that every event is unique and resonates well with the audience. We’re ready to help you pick the best virtual event option for your 2021 Christmas party. Don’t forget: We’re offering free gifts worth up to £200, plus the chance to win a 2022 Malaga mini break for confirming Christmas 2021 party bookings before the end of September 2021. CLICK HERE for more information.

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