50 – 1,000

from: £POA


1-3 hrs


A brand new interactive virtual event for Christmas 2021. You and your colleagues are going on a virtual alpine adventure. During this multi-experience virtual event, you’ll visit a series of winter locations and enjoy a festive experience that’s filled with excitement, fun and plenty of Christmas cheer.

Your adventure starts at the Alpine Lodge, a cosy mountain venue complete with ski racks, roaring fires, yuletide decorations and festive touches. You’ll be greeted by your hosts for some interactive fun and given an idea of the adventure which lies ahead. Next, choose from a range of virtual Christmas activities to enjoy. You could watch a fireside magic show, learn how to craft Christmas decorations, join a game of Christmas music bingo in the great hall, or even become immersed in a seasonal murder mystery performance which plays out around you. Choose between having all guests experience the same activities, or give them the option of choosing what to take part in.

The Alpine Lodge doors are thrown open, and guests proceed into the snowy landscape, boarding the chairlift to the top of the mountain. From here, it’s a thrillingly immersive downhill ski run, each guest racing to reach the secret location for the festive finale party. We reach a clearing in the forest, beautifully illuminated by the Northern lights in the skies above. We’re greeted by the people of the forest and are welcomed with a vibrant Christmas party. There’s music, dancing, party games and loads of interactive fun between the hosts and guests.

Our virtual alpine adventure can be enjoyed as described above, or scaled and tailored to suit your guest numbers, budget and preferred run time. For example, you can select different activities from those listed above for guests to enjoy in the Alpine Lodge segment. Choose to add party boxes, crafting items or food and drinks to make it a real party. Incorporate your own speakers and personalised content to celebrate the occasion. With lots of custom options, we’ll make sure every booking is uniquely special for your audience. This is an excellent virtual event for medium to large office Christmas parties and festive corporate events. Get in touch to book your perfect alpine adventure for Christmas 2021.

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