6 – 500

from £400


60 – 70 mins


A virtual Christmas music bingo party that will get your guests excited. Christmas Music Bingo events deliver all the dabbing fun of virtual bingo, but using music instead of balls. During this Christmas themed event, players receive a unique bingo card featuring a list of the hottest songs. Players dab off songs as they’re played, competing to be the first to 5 in a row or a full house. Expect lots of movement, dancing, lip sync, party games, funny banter and interactive fun during this 5* rated festive virtual event. A fantastic option for office Christmas parties and festive fun with friends and family.

This Christmas version of our popular virtual music bingo game features a host, DJ and Zoom tech to generate a slick, interactive virtual experience. The striking visuals are Christmas themed and the playlists include your favourite Christmas songs. Tailor your music and add your special tunes. Choose between 100% Christmas, 80s, 90s, rock, disco bingo, modern pop bingo, or a little bit of everything. Pick your preferred host. Choose between Tommy Sparkle, a zany, energetic personality inspired by 1980s TV hosts, Johnny Rebel, a retro rocker from the Sunset Strip, or Banter Claus, a cheeky, street smart raver who’s guaranteed to get the party going. Your host will ensure every guest receives a level of interaction and attention they’re happy with. We’ll tailor the dialogue, content and sounds for your event, making sure the game is relevant to your audience. We’ll even create and perform a rap or song especially for your event. Get in touch to book your perfect virtual music bingo Christmas party.

We’re offering free gifts worth up to £200, plus the chance to win a 2022 Malaga mini break for confirming Christmas 2021 party bookings before the end of October 2021. CLICK HERE for more information.