A virtual summer party is fabulous for connecting remote working teams, boosting staff morale, improving interpersonal relationships and rewarding colleagues for their hard work. We’ve got lots of virtual events and online team building activities available, so you can choose one that’s right for guests from all around the world. Here are 5 of our most popular virtual events for summer parties.

Virtual Holiday

A virtual party event that’s great for groups of 100 to 1,000 guests. Our bespoke virtual holiday package recreates the experience of flying to an exotic destination for an interactive summer holiday party. Guests are greeted by hilarious flight attendants onboard a luxury airplane. Next, an immersive mystery performance unfolds around them. Guests will engage with suspects, study evidence and collaborate to solve the case. Mystery solved, guests arrive on a beautiful island for an interactive party filled with music, fun and celebration. This event is delivered by a team of skilled performers. The show is adapted to fit your brief, with lots of personalised content and the option to select from a variety of activities and entertainment. An unforgettable virtual event created for you.

Summer Wellness Sessions

A customisable interactive session themed around physical and mental wellness. Guests will enjoy a range of healthy activities during a virtual workshop that’s filled with goodness. Choose from a selection of online activities to create your ideal session. Options include virtual dance workshops, mocktail making classes, crafting, mindfulness workshops, virtual yoga and more. Treat your team to a team building event that’s great for mind and body.

Music Bingo

Our most popular and best rated virtual event! Virtual music bingo is an interactive music party where remotely based guests reunite for lots of fun. The format is simple: Enjoy the music and cross off the songs if they’re on your bingo card, hoping to win a row or full house first. It’s the engagement and personal touches which makes this event so enjoyable. The host and DJ will banter with players, making them laugh, dance and lip synch (if they want to). There are different themes and playlists to choose from. All music and content is globally recognisable, and we add lots of personalised dialogue and special touches for every booking. It’s the most fun you can have online.

Virtual Painting With Tommy Sparkle

A personalised online painting workshop that’s full of colourful fun. This virtual painting session is perfect for complete amateurs, as the emphasis is on having a laugh. That said, guests will learn a selection of painting techniques as they create their own masterpieces. Available in watercolour or acrylic paints, with the option to ship or self-source art materials, depending on which regions guests are based in. A virtual team building activity which teaches new skills.

Gameshow Bonanza

An interactive online game inspired by our favourite television gameshows. Groovy hosts Tommy Sparkle and Debbie Moonlight will guide guests through a series challenges based on popular retro gameshow formats. All references are universal and no general knowledge is needed. Every guest is a contestant, competing against each other to win rounds which become progressively sillier. This virtual event combines playing with partying. There’s lots of music, fun, laughter, and engagement. Each Gameshow Bonanza event can be personalised to suit your occasion and guests. It’s the perfect way to reunite colleagues and friends for a fun shared experience.

There are lots of other virtual team building ideas to choose from on our website. If you’re looking to empower, entertain and reward your team, we can suggest the best options for you. Get in touch by emailing events@flavourev.com or by using the ENQUIRE HERE button below.

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