6 – 500

from £400


70 – 90 mins


A virtual music bingo party in celebration of the greatest female musicians of all time. Music Bingo – Top Female Artists edition features an epic playlist of the biggest selling female artists from the 1970’s through to modern day. During this hosted online musical bingo event, players receive a unique bingo card featuring a list of the hottest songs. You’ll hear Pop, Soul, Disco, Rock, R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop and more during this tribute to the most important women in music. Players dab off songs as they’re heard, competing to be the first to 5 in a row or a full house.  Expect lots of movement, dancing, lip sync, party games, funny banter and interactive thrills  during this 5* rated virtual event. An amazing event to celebrate Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, plus a fabulous way to have fun and bond with colleagues, friends, and family.

This version of our very popular virtual music bingo game features a live host, DJ and Zoom tech to generate a slick, interactive virtual experience. DJ Debbie Moonlight has the tunes to get the party jumping, while MC Tommy Sparkle makes sure every guest has a great time. Your hosts will ensure everyone receives a level of interaction and attention they’re happy with. We’ll tailor the dialogue, content and sounds for your event, making sure the game is relevant to your audience. We’ll even create and perform a rap or song especially for your occasion. The striking visuals are themed to suit the music and create an immersive experience. You can add your own logo for a personal touch. Tailor your music by adding a few of your favourite songs.

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