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The ultimate survival package for outdoor team building events. The Bear Grylls survival experience was created by the world’s most famous face of survival, along with a team of Bear Grylls trained professional instructors, delivering the ultimate form of team building. Contrary to perception, this ISN’T a boot camp style experience. It’s a series of activities developed with the average corporate delegate in mind. The events are designed to incorporate absolutely everyone, despite age or ability. It’s all about learning amazing new skills, rather than athletic endurance.
Bear Grylls has proven his knowledge and capabilities in the harshest environments in the world. The Bear Grylls survival experience has taken these skills and developed them into a modern-day team building event that offers something completely different from the norm. Survival techniques can relate to many different scenarios, especially when linked to business skills and teamwork. This event incorporates many aspects of collaboration, along with a fun element of pressure to outperform your peers. Not only will guests learn how to survive in the wilderness, they’ll also rely on the power of team effectiveness in a very real outdoor environment.
The event can be held all across the UK, at a choice of over 1,000 venues including hotels, conference centres and outdoor event venues. Your experience will start with an immersive introduction to the world of Bear Grylls, his life adventures and survival in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Next, we’ll establish the priorities of survival. What comes first? Food, water, rescue or shelter? Then, it’s time to kit up and head outside. Teams of 8-10 will take part in a series of survival scenarios, each hosted by a team of experts. Survival challenges each include a touch of fun competition. Team challenges include; camouflage and concealment, fire lighting, rescue signals, water retrieval, shelter building, rope& knot skills, improvised stretcher rescue, Land Rover / sledge pull, archery, spear throwing, grenade launching, axe throwing and navigation.
The event can be further enhanced with the addition of premium experiences such as: high speed powerboats, helicopter aerial reconnaissance, Tyrolean traverse, abseiling, commando crawl and raft building & racing.

Book the Bear Grylls survival experience to bring out the best in your teams. Available UK wide for 10-500 guests.