Virtual events are less frequently booked than in 2020, but they’re definitely still a thing. As former remote workers make their way back to the office, we’ve seen a surge in in-person event bookings via our sister website, However, virtual events are still being delivered. Many of our virtual events are booked by for teams who’ve always worked remotely, as a new way of connecting, meeting new team members and having fun together. We get the best feedback from online events which have bespoke elements. Recognisable content, images and special dialogue always helps to entertain and engage audiences. Here’s how we personalise our virtual events for maximum enjoyment.

Human connections
Some virtual events run the risk of being too passive for the audience. To keep guests engaged, choose an event which requires their participation, such as an escape room, immersive murder mystery event or craft workshop. A good host who encourages participation and raises enthusiasm is important. However, a great host will also know when an attendee would prefer not to be in the spotlight. Direct interaction between hosts and attendees, or amongst the attendees themselves is enjoyable. Encourage the use of chat features and conversation. However, retain structure, so that guests aren’t talking over each other.

Personalised content
To keep your event fresh and memorable, make sure the organisers are including personalised content wherever possible. For example, if you’re celebrating a company achievement, have the event host reference this. When including an activity as part of a virtual conference, have the organisers include branded visuals, mention the company, or even play a promotional video. You can also request that a representative from your organisation address the audience during the event too. If your online event includes music or visuals, request the opportunity to customise them. If you’re playing virtual music bingo to celebrate a birthday, make sure the guest of honour gets to hear their favourite songs. Also, if the event is in celebration of a birthday, staff leaving party, or to welcome new starters, let your host know so they can pay special attention to guests of honour.

Special touches
A great virtual event begins long before the guests log in. For instance, some events come with instructional emails which explain game rules and software functions. Ask for these to be personalised with wording and images reflecting your team or specific event. The event itself could be renamed to strike a chord with attendees too. Interactive games like Gameshow Bonanza offer the opportunity to add or remove rounds to suit guests and timescale. Bookers even have the opportunity of creating rounds which have puzzles or challenges specific to their event or guests. Immersive virtual games and challenges often have one or several winners, so you might like to award prizes which align with company culture or the time of year, such as for festive events.

These some ways in which the Flavour Events team and our suppliers make their virtual events extra-special. We can even create bespoke virtual events from scratch in-line with client briefs and budgets. If you’re interested in organising a personalised virtual event for your conference, welcome party, or festive celebration, enquire below.

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