With so many options and huge diversity in personal tastes, choosing the right virtual event can sometimes be tricky. Savvy event bookers need to ensure they choose virtual experiences that are of a high quality and good for keeping their audiences engaged. We’re often asked for a detailed breakdown of how our virtual events work. Whist we don’t want to spoil all our surprises, we’re happy to describe why our events, such as Virtual Music Bingo, Gameshow Bonanza and Virtual Happy Hour consistently receive 100% positive feedback and 5* reviews from our clients. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into planning and delivering every Flavour virtual event.
Although we’ve delivered some events hundreds of times, no two Flavour virtual events are the same. Prior to delivery, we run thorough consultation and planning to ensure each event will be enjoyable for the audience. We pay attention to demographic, making sure content will resonate with the guest age range, and that elements such as music and any cultural references will be recognisable to global audiences. We tailor dialogue to fit the company or occasion, including special mentions, achievements, in-jokes, and references guests will appreciate. Our events use lots of visual graphics, which can be completed with company logos or created specifically, to promote a business, or celebrate a birthday guest, for example. The musical playlists used in our events have been curated over many performances to ensure songs are popular with audiences. We offer clients the opportunity to add songs and we ensure music is audience appropriate. Gameshow Bonanza includes themed rounds tailored to the booking. Music Bingo offers a wide variety of musical styles and even has original songs or raps created for each event. Virtual Happy Hour offers bookers the opportunity to select the activities most suitable for their guests. We also allow clients to address their guests beforehand, with the options to deliver short presentations, which is ideal for conference energisers and corporate client events.
We ensure our bookers receive Zoom links and everything needed to join an event no later than 48 hours before the start time. For Music Bingo bookings, we supply a digital bingo card download link which generates a unique card for every new name inputted, meaning the organiser can forward the same details to all guests as one email. We provide thorough instructions on how to join and play. For clients unfamiliar with using Zoom, we supply instructions on using the features they’ll need, plus information on using the browser version as opposed to Zoom app if required. If clients or organisers ask to join their event early, we ensure we have their names so that we can let them through the waiting room. Our hosts and Zoom technicians run thorough technical checks prior to every event to ensure picture and sound quality is of an excellent standard.
Virtual event technology
All our events are delivered from a dedicated studio space which is fully equipped for high quality virtual events. We use powerful laptops, with a back-up laptop constantly on standby. Each has an ethernet connection to 500mbps Wi-Fi, with 2 mobile data sources available as a back-up option. We use green screens to ensure virtual backgrounds are of the highest quality, and professional lighting for the best picture. Our cameras are modern front side mobile phone cameras connected with Droidcam, with good in-built laptop cameras available as an emergency alternative. We use high quality room mics with headsets on standby. In addition to the hosts, each event uses at least 1 skilled Zoom technician, with more recruited for larger guest numbers. In addition to keeping quality high, our techs entertain and offer support to guests via chat, and run the sound, graphics and spotlighting to deliver an entertaining experience.
Having personalised the content and prepared thoroughly, our events are likely to be well received by each unique audience. The studio is filled with notes to remind the host of tailored dialogue and special requests. Our hosts are very experienced and skilled at “reading the room”. Their main role is to entertain and keep guests enthusiastic and engaged, but they know when not to focus attention on any guests who might prefer a passive experience. There’s lots of verbal and chat interaction between the host, co-host, and guests. Guests are also encouraged to use chat to catch up and banter amongst themselves. This level of participation means guests feel a part of the show and don’t get bored. There are lots of laughs and spontaneous reactive elements to keep guests thoroughly entertained and happy. We give the option of recording the event and let guests stay in the room to mingle after we’ve finished if requested.

Our attention to detail, professionalism, experience, and passion for entertaining people has resulted in every client being satisfied with their Flavour virtual events booking. Some customer reviews claim that ours are the best virtual events they have experienced. If you’re looking for a virtual event your guests will love, get in touch below.

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