Team building activities are a great way to boost staff morale, improve interpersonal relationships and reward employees for their hard work. Thanks to the wide array of virtual activities available, there are plenty of ways to keep your key people connected and engaged despite working in isolation. Here are 3 of our most popular virtual team building activities.

Gameshow Bonanza

An interactive virtual team building activity inspired by our favourite television gameshows. Groovy host Tommy Sparkle and the Lovely Scarlett will guide guests through a series challenges based on much loved, popular retro gameshow formats. Every guest is a contestant, competing against each other to win rounds which become progressively sillier over the 1-hour play time. This virtual event combines playing with partying. There’s lots of music, laughter, and engagement. Each Gameshow Bonanza event can be personalised to suit your occasion and guests. It’s the perfect way to reunite colleagues and friends for a fun shared experience.

Virtual Holiday

A virtual party event that’s great for medium to large sized bookings. Our bespoke virtual holiday package replicates the experience of flying to an exotic destination for a party. Guests are greeted by hilarious flight attendants onboard a luxury flight. Next, an immersive murder-mystery performance unfolds around them, requiring guests to study evidence and question the suspects to crack the case. Mystery solved, guests arrive on a beautiful island for an interactive party filled with music and celebration. This event is created and delivered by a team of skilled performers who will compose a show to fit your brief. A unique and unforgettable virtual event.

Music Bingo

Our most frequently booked and best rated virtual event! Virtual music bingo is an interactive party game which allows guests to enjoy seeing each other having fun. The format is simple: Listen to the music and mark off the songs if they’re on your bingo card, hoping to get a line or full house first. It’s the interaction and personalisation which makes this event so popular. The host and DJ will banter with players, making them laugh and encouraging dancing. There are different hosting styles and playlists to choose from, including disco bingo, rock bingo, 90s music bingo, mix it up and more. Content, visuals, and music are tailored to each event, including original raps and songs performed for your special occasion. Book a virtual music bingo party to brighten your day.

There are lots of other virtual team building ideas to choose from on our website. If you’re looking to empower, entertain and reward your team, we can suggest the best options for you. Get in touch by emailing events@flavourev.com or by using the ENQUIRE HERE button below.

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