If you’re looking for fun virtual activities to join from home, Flavour Events have a great selection available. As lockdown continues, our corporate clients seek new ways for their teams to bond, and friends and families need alternative ways to meet and have fun. With the right combination of interactivity, personalisation and entertainment, virtual events can be a whole lot of fun. Here are our 3 most popular and most consistently satisfying online group activities:

Music Bingo

Virtual music bingo is our best selling and most consistently well received event. This virtual activity is more of a party than just a bingo game. Guests become a part of the show, dabbing the songs on their digital bingo card as the DJ plays them. This event is uniquely tailored for every booking, and no two events are ever the same. Choose the music your guests will love. Playlists include 80s, 90s, mixed, Disco, festive and rock, ensuring all songs are catchy and recognisable. Clients can add their own tunes too. The game comes with a charismatic live MC host and DJ, with the option to add additional hosts, professional dancers and live musicians. Hosting is themed to your party. They’ll even sing or rap original songs written for your event. Guest will dance, chat, sing (sometimes) and have tons of fun seeing their friends having a great time.

Paella Cooking Class

We’ve recently seen an increase in demand for virtual cooking classes. These interactive workshops invite guests to cook-along at home. They’ll learn new skills and create a tasty meal at the same time. Our Paella cooking class is popular due to the accessibility and versatility of the content. Guests are advised on which easy to find ingredients they’ll need, along with workable substitutions. The recipe can be made using a handful of readily available kitchen items. The host chef will also cook meat and vegan versions simultaneously. This means that guests get to cook and enjoy the version they prefer and take part in the same class as their friends and colleagues.

Virtual Magic Show

Our virtual magic shows have been impressing audiences for months. We work with a selection of excellent virtual illusionists and magicians, each delivering a stellar interactive magic show. Their acts include tricks such as mind reading, card tricks, sleight of hand and coincidental magic. Some magicians even send predictions to audience members prior to events. We also have Children’s magicians to entertain kids with digital magic, disappearing acts and balloon animals. All virtual magic shows are interactive and can be tailored for large or small groups. Ideal for corporate events, birthdays, zoom mitzvah’s and celebrations.

These are just a selection of the fun virtual activities we have available. For more ideas, browse flavourev.com, or make an enquiry below.

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